Suzie (with a “Z”) At School - Virtual Assembly Bundle

Suzie (with a “Z”) At School - Virtual Assembly Bundle

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Suzie is on the case! Come join the fun in all 3 of Suzie's investigations.

Suzie At School

From Best Selling Author, Ida (with an "I"), comes "Suzie At School" a collection of virtual assemblies created to:

1) Encourage little ones to ask the big questions

2) Enhance their love of learning

3) Enrich the desire of our young readers to strive for solutions

Our Shows

  • Case Of The Mysterious Cold
  • Case Of The Missing Spooky Cookie
  • Case Of The Christmas Secret

In these Virtual Assemblies, students will enjoy an interactive reading of the book with the author, a sing along, and an after assembly activity which they can do in class and/or take home to complete. 

To join the fun and solve the case with us, click below to purchase a virtual assembly for your school. Yes, we do Live Assemblies too!

Our pre-recorded assemblies are perfect for schools: 

- Builds interest in extra-curricular activities

- Aids in schools current safety protocols

- Interrelated with diversity reading programs in schools

- Lifetime access, once you purchase an assembly, your school has access for life 

 - Suzie Books At School - each assembly purchase comes with complimentary books for your school.


If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ's. If you need further help, email us.


Your show will be available for viewing starting October 3rd, 2021, and the Case Of The Christmas Secret will be available on November 15th, 2021.


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