Suzie (with a “Z”) At School - Live Show

Suzie (with a “Z”) At School - Live Show

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 Suzie is on the case! Come Join the fun as Suzie investigates and watch out for clues...

 Our Shows 

  • Case Of The Mysterious Cold
  • Case Of The Missing Spooky Cookie
  • Case Of The Christmas Secret

In these Assemblies, students will enjoy an interactive reading of the book with the author, a sing along, and an after assembly activity which they can do in class and/or take home to complete. 

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Meet The Author

Ida (with an "I"), now a Bestselling Author, Social Media Influencer, and Speaker, started her working career as a Pre-School Teacher.

 It was actually at Pre-School, on a "boring afternoon" (according to the 4 year olds surrounding her) that Ida started sharing stories filled with unique characters, a villainous foe or two and far away lands yet to be discovered. 

Ida lives in the Northern part of Georgia with her daughter. The two enjoy going on adventures of many kinds, whether to the dentist or the beach, they aim to make every day an exciting moment of discovery and imagination. 

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