The "Evolve" Masterclass

The "Evolve" Masterclass

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What You Will Learn

• How to create video ideas that are easy to do and with little time

• How to use my unique technique called "Paths" which creates interest about your business

• How to increase your "watch time" because the amount of time viewers spend on your content is crucial; it's what causes a video to go viral and be pushed out to more audiences...aka potential buyers and clients

What’s Being Said…

“We are two Canadian sisters (Sandra and Carolina) who are very inspired by Ida’s amazing work.
She has taught us how important building connection and community is on social media. To be confident with the work we put out and how to gracefully handle any setbacks.
She has shown us how to put love into our work and have fun in the process. Have a plan,keep testing and to not give up.
Having Ida help us navigate the social media world is valuable and a blessing.
We love Ida”
@lilheart_therescue on Tiktok and Instagram
We adopted a 12 year old rescue who we fostered during the pandemic. We hope to spread love and awareness towards animals and encourage adoption.


As this is a digital product, we are unable to provide refunds.