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Ida, similar to majority of the adults that joined the platform in 2020, was

reluctant at first. However, when she heard a famous podcaster say, "If you don't have an audience, you don't have a business, and Tiktok is the place to grow an audience", she immediately made her way to the app to see what she could build. 

She now has a community of almost 300,000 across Tiktok & Instagram and still growing strong. She has become a Speaker, a Bestselling Author and a Tiktok & Instagram Reels Coach. She has also helped other entrepreneurs, medical practitioners, social media influencers, authors and more, grow their audiences and promote their products using the strategies that propelled her to where she is today. 

Ida has over a decade in traditional and online marketing experience working in organizations in both the U.S and the United Kingdom.





Dr. Patrice Berry (Licensed Therapist, Private Practice Owner)




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