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TEM Consulting is a part of To Every Mom, a community on Tiktok, Instagram and YouTube consisting of almost 300,000 members across the globe.


The consulting arm of TEM, has trained over 100 businesses on leveraging short-form video for community growth, building engagement, branding, and improving ROI using this social media marketing tool.


Founder of TEM



With over a decade in traditional marketing experience, Ida was fascinated with the power of short-form video and how this tool could take a person or business from complete obscurity to fame/selling out of product with just one video (in some cases).

She is the founder of To Every Mom and works with organizations world wide, training on strategies to grow their audience and promote their products with short-form video.

Featured In: ShoutOut Atlanta Magazine, Hashtag Authentic Podcast, Fairytale Social.  Connect with Ida on Instagram


Goals & Objective

Your Business' Short-Form Video Strategy

Build Engagement - We believe strongly in working with the algorithms on each platform to create a space viewers want to come and stay for a while. We work with you in creating a brand viewers will love and advocate for.

Grow Your Audience - Our goal is to help you execute the best strategy to grow your audience effectively and efficiently. Our content creation strategy helps us narrow down the best styles of content and platform tools to utilize in creating content that will grow your online community.

Promote Your Products and Services - We bring life and character to your products and services. Our aim is to create a sense of connection with your services and your audience's everyday life.

Our Services

  1. Social Media Audits
  2. On-Site or Zoom Video Consulting Services & Direction

We work with you to determine 

  • Current Marketing Goals
  • Current Branding Strategy
  • Current Customer Journeys and Experience



 1. Develop Short-Video Content Strategy

2. Community Growth Plan

3. Engagement Monitoring Checklist

4. Content Sales Strategy

5. Live Sales Strategy

6. Holiday Content Strategy

7. Collaboration Opportunities

8. Industry Norms/Opportunites

9. Competitor Analysis


Contact Us

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