Build A Community…Promote Your Products

My Client Called Me Screaming 
Don’t worry it was a good scream. “What have you done to my account?”, she asked. 
For the first time she was experiencing the growth and engagement she’d hoped for. A few weeks later, I got a text from her. It read:
She’s now over 30 K and rising, sold some of her company’s top products, and is getting leads about the business. My favorite part is, she’s having fun, it doesn’t feel like work, and she did it all through the amazing organic reach of Tiktok.

Who Am I

My name is Ida, I'm a Content Creator with a community of over (280 K across Tiktok & Instagram), Marketing Strategist, best selling author,  and I'm a Tiktok and Instagram Reels coach for Network Marketers. Over the last year, I have taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to use Tiktok and IG Reels to grow their businesses. By far my favorite industry is Network Marketing! From the mission, to the dreams realized, to the lives changed, this industry has been the vehicle of success for many of the people I know, love, and respect. 
So, I launched the Build Community & Promote Your Products Free Masterclass, where I visit with your group of amazing network marketers and share tips and strategies to leverage these two platforms…Tiktok & Instagram. 

In this free Zoom/Live Masterclass, I teach you how to:

1) Create Videos With Little Time
2) Build Community With Your Videos
3) How To Share Your Products 

Want to help your team grow on Tiktok and Instagram? Book here for your free masterclass with me.
I can’t wait to see you grow!